The Civilized




Piggy and Ralph’s costumes both follow the same principles, so I’ll talk about them as a pair. I depicted Piggy holding up and trying to look through her damaged glasses, and Ralph moving her hair out of her face. Their uniforms are no longer clean, their hair is no longer neat. The island has taken its toll on them, both physically and mentally, and their disheveled appearance is a visual reminder of that.

As I’ll discuss when I upload Jack and Roger’s designs, how much clothing characters wear is an important symbol throughout the story. It’s a visual indicator of how much of “civilization” they’ve lost or rejected. Even though Piggy’s tights are shredded and Ralph has lost a strap on her jumper, they keep wearing their clothing. They still insist on doing what’s right even when it has ceased to be convenient or comfortable.wildtwinsThe twins’ arc is them moving from Sam and Eric to Samneric. While their original designs showed each twin’s individual personality, their savage designs are identical. They’ve lost their individuality and given over to mob mentality.

Samneric don’t fall squarely into the savage tribe or the civilized group. They go back and forth, and so their costumes occupy a third space: not as nice or put-together as Ralph and Piggy, but much more polished than Jack and Roger, as we’ll see next.


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