Lesser Characters

I’ve made designs for four (three?) of the most prominent supporting characters. I don’t have as much to say about these designs, obviously, but it’s important I establish them. The next section of this project I’ll be moving into is the Savagery aspect, where all of these uniforms degrade and break down. I have to establish what each character is supposed to look like before I can show them deteriorating.

First in this section is Roger:roger

Roger as a character fascinates me. As I’ll discuss in a later section of this project, Roger’s brand of evil is different from Jack’s. Even before everything goes to hell, we see Roger on the beach throwing rocks at younger kids- and liking it. She doesn’t have Jack’s hunger for power, she just likes causing people pain. She has a surprising sort of darkness. Appropriately, I decided to depict her at first looking as innocent as possible, down to a cute red bow and curls. But she has a rock in her hand. She’s ready to cause trouble.

While a lot of Jack’s “tribe” is made up of girls from her choir, I didn’t want to create the sense of there being a “good” school and an “evil” school. Anyone from anywhere can be corrupted. Thus, I put Roger, arguably the most evil character in the story, in Ralph’s school.


Sam and Eric

It seemed natural to me that twins attending a uniform school would do their best to distinguish themselves from each other. A lot of children crave standing out and being special. So, I created outfits that reflected two different personalities, from the way they wear their hair to choice of shoes and tights to styles of uniforms. The bracelet and bows continue the theme of youth and innocence. These girls go to the same school as Piggy, and as I mentioned in the post about her, they don’t have the same sense of respect for the uniform and for school rules.


Simon is sitting/reclining here, flushed and probably just revived from fainting, but peaceful.

Simon wears white tights to emphasize her purity and delicate ballet flats. I wanted light, non-constricting, easily removable shoes to emphasize her connection to nature. Where the cross on Jack’s uniform was almost ironic, here the cross on Simon’s uniform is a symbol of her purity. When I was reading the book in school, our teacher pointed to Simon as a Messianic archetype, so it’s appropriate she would go to a religious school.

Simon is the only character that won’t be getting a “savage” costume. She alone remains uncorrupted throughout the story. Her lack of a costume change represents how she remains unchanged. She is the last relic of civilization.


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