We’ve moved to the center of the color spectrum diagram with Ralph. I chose to depict her with the conch, a symbol that’s closely associated with her. In this pose, she presents herself as a leader and a hero. Ralph doesn’t show a lot of concern at being stranded on an island initially, instead exploring the island….and doing handstands. I wanted to capture that joy and energy in this pose.

Ralph’s uniform is the simplest out of the three uniform designs. From her jumper to her socks to her short, neat hair, Ralph’s design is full of clean lines. I wanted it overall to reflect neatness, symmetry, and order.

Ralph’s grey polo is a nod to the grey shirt that Ralph wears in the book. My designs are in general very different from the clothing the book describes, but the grey shirt always stuck out to me. White and black are always symbolically significant colors- and ones that pop up frequently in uniforms. Grey reminds me of the moral grey areas that Ralph wrestles with throughout the story. It’s an imperfection in an otherwise prim and proper design.

The green jumper is a very youthful piece of clothing. I never want the audience to forget how young and supposedly innocent these characters are, and the jumper with its smooth lines is a reminder of youth and innocence. Another reminder of youth and innocence are the dragonfly hair clips she uses to keep her hair out of her face. I want to incorporate insects throughout these designs, and this has been my first opportunity to explore this motif.

Ralph is a very confident character, at least at the beginning of the story. The socks and shoes are expressive and individual, a reflection of someone who takes pride in how they look.


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